WiSET Annual Award

The WiSET Annual Award is a new scheme to recognise and celebrate individuals (men and women, staff and students) in the University of Southampton who make an outstanding contribution to supporting women in academia. Nominations are made each year to the WiSET Steering Group stating why a candidate should receive a WiSET Award. Nominations are reviewed for exceptional contributions to the recruitment and advancement of women in academia through, for example, outreach activities, mentoring, providing networking opportunities, raising awareness and supporting the professional development and promotion of women in academia. These contributions should be above and beyond the role expected of the individual.

Each recipient of a WiSET Award receives £250 and a trophy, presented at the WiSET Campbell Lecture. WiSET Awards for 2016 were presented at this year’s Campbell Lecture by Belinda Phipps. The successful candidates were Dr Jessica Spurrell and Dr Reena Pau for their outstanding contributions to outreach with particular emphasis on supporting women students and increasing the visibility of women in STEM.

jessica reena