2017 Annual WISET Awards – Congratulations

We are delighted to announce the new holders of the 2017 WISET annual awards.

We were fortunate this year to have an exceptionally strong field of candidates for the 2017 WiSET awards. These awards recognise the exceptional contributions of individuals across the university who have worked to raise the profile and participation of women in STEMM.

The nominations came from a wide range faculties and individuals. They were, unsurprisingly, fulsome in their praise of the candidates qualities and contributions.

The WiSET steering group have now reviewed the nominations. The high quality of the contenders made the task of reviewing the candidates both enjoyable and rewarding, although it was ultimately difficult to choose amongst such a strong field.

So, to all the nominees, we offer our heartfelt congratulations – each of you, in your way is definitely making a difference.

Similarly, to each of those who identified and nominated or seconded a candidate, thank you, and please spread the word about the real impact people are making to address gender diversity on campus at the University of Southampton and beyond to the wider STEMM community.

Ultimately the two most outstanding nominees were Kizanne James from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Angeles Camacho from the faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering, and they will be honoured on Wednesday 22nd March at the award giving after the Annual WISET Campbell Lecture.

Finally, we want to add, that WISET very much wants to celebrate the achievements of all of the nominees. For that purpose, we will be organizing a celebratory lunch later in the academic year to publicly express our congratulations to them all.