Steering Group

WiSET steering-group members:

Dr Katrina Morgan – Optoelectronics Research Centre (WiSET Chair)

Dr Dawn-Marie Walker – Health Sciences (WiSET Deputy Chair)

Ms Vesna Perisic – Mathematical Sciences (WiSET Treasurer)

Dr Marina Carravetta – Chemistry (WiSET Website Coordinator)

Dr Laura Grange – Ocean and Earth Science (WiSET Events Coordinator)

Dr Rachel Hale – Ocean and Earth Science (WiSET Secretary)

Dr Suite White – Electronics and Computer Science

Dr Cynthia Graham – Psychology

Professor Roxana O Carare   – Faculty of Medicine

Dr Sylvia Pender – Faculty of Medicine

Professor Tiina Roose – Faculty of Engineering & the Environment

Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero – Biological Sciences

Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong – Faculty of Engineering and the Environment

Dr Elselijn Kingma – Philosophy

Dr Sandra Nogue – Geography and Environment

Dr Ghaithaa Manla – Theano Co-ordinator

Dr Jessica Spurrell – Southampton Education School

Dr Stefanie Biedermann – Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Bahareh Zaghari – Electronics and Computer Science

Ms Kate Borthwick – Modern Languages and Linguistics

Diversity Team representative

Past members and Current Associates
with thanks for your contribution and continued interest

Professor Philippa Reed – Faculty of Engineering and the Environment

Professor Andrea Russell – Chemistry

Professor Cathy Pope – Health Sciences

Dr Gemma Cripps – Ocean and Earth Science

Professor Jane Hart – School of Geography (FSHS)

Professor Catherine Bower – Health Sciences

Dr Rachel van Besouw – Faculty of Engineering and the Environment – now working at DSTL

Professor Geraldine Clough – Faculty of Medicine

Dr Cheryl Metcalf – Health Sciences

Fiona Harvey – formerly ILIaD and Centre for Innovation in Technologies and Education

Dr Natasha Vukovic – Optoelectronics Research Centre

Malgosia Kaczmarek – Physics