WiSET+ Award Winners

WiSET+ awards 2019

This year, the WiSET award ceremony was held at John Hansard Gallery in combination with the opening of the creativity exhibition. Congratulations to the well-deserved winners of the WiSET+ awards: Dr Bahareh Zaghari, Research Fellow in Electronics and Computer Science, and Dr Shelley Cobb, Associate Professor of Film.

“Bahareh is an inspiration to her colleagues and friends, whom she treats with respect. Ultimately however, it is Bahareh’s interaction with her students that causes me to recommend her for a WiSET+ award. In the first semester of this year, I had the privilege of attending her lectures in robotics, and her outstanding level of preparation caused an unprecedented amount of interaction in her classes. It is academics like Bahareh that go above and beyond what is required, and who set an example from which we can all learn.” (nominator)

“Not only does she [Shelley] undertake all her ‘official’ supervisory duties with care, rigour and enthusiasm, but also provides extra support and opportunities to further student’s career in academia, including ‘taking me out for a drink’ (and always paying!) when I’m in need of an informal chat about my work and career.” (nominator)



WiSET awards 2018

In 2018 we received a high number of outstanding nominations and would like to congratulate the nominees:

Physical Sciences and Engineering

Aneesha Sethi, Prof M.C. Schraefel, Lieke van Putten, Adriana Wilde

Engineering and the Environment

Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong, Dr Edward Richardson,


Dr Stuart Clarke, Dr Nicola Englyst, Dr Michael Head

Natural and Environmental Sciences

Nina Faure Beaulieu, Moira MacLean, Dr Shmma Quraishe, Prof Andrea Russell, Millie Watts


Rebecca French – Physical Sciences and Engineering. WiSET Award Trophy given to her by her Head of School, Professor Jonathan Flynn

Emma Osborne – Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences. WiSET Award Trophy given to her by her Head of School Professor Jon Forster.


WiSET awards 2017

The 2017 WISET award winners are Kizanne James and Angeles Camacho.

Kizanne Portrait

Kizanne James is an International student on the Leadership and Management MSc course in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Her dissertation is regarding the impact of work life balance on women getting into leadership roles. She is also a postgraduate member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity committee in her Faculty. Kizanne is an ambassador in her own country (Trinidad and Tobago) for increasing awareness of contraceptive use in young people, and for highlighting the plight of domestic abuse and rape which are common but ignored. She is not only promoting women in science by being an exemplary role model, her work is far reaching by endeavouring equality internationally.


Angeles Camacho is a second-year postgraduate research student in the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC). Her doctoral research is on novel fabrication methods for optical fibres. She set up the Diversity Officer role at the University of Southampton Optics and Photonics Society. Angeles has passionately driven initiatives to raise awareness of issues relating to diversity in the workplace through innovative activities within the student body of the ORC, engaging members of the university, school children and members of the public through diversity focused activities. Her work is helping to recognise the contribution of women to Optics and Photonics and contributes towards a gender equality culture. She is a role model for young women to choose optics and photonics as a career.


WiSET awards 2016

The 2016 WISET award winners are Dr Jessica Spurrell and Dr Reena Pau

WiSET Awards for 2016 were presented at this year’s Campbell Lecture by Belinda Phipps. The award winners were Dr Jessica Spurrell and Dr Reena Pau for their outstanding contributions to outreach with particular emphasis on supporting women students and increasing the visibility of women in STEM.

jessicaJessica Spurrell is a postgraduate research student in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. She is in the process of writing up her PhD thesis in superconducting power transmission at the Institute of Cryogenics. She received the WiSET Award for her enthusiasm and keen participation in outreach and national women’s events.

reenaAs the Outreach and Diversity Officer for Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), Reena Pau has been very effective at developing an original and highly effective outreach programme, connecting with a large and growing network of schools.